"You made a lot of people happy today." That's what a day hiker said to me when she returned to the parking lot late in the afternoon.

That's why I do trail magic. Since I really don't enjoy hiking in the hot, humid and buggy summer (spring and fall are my seasons) the idea of helping to make life a bit more enjoyable for those that do hike in the summer occured to me.

I am currently making plans for the 2020 hiking season. The first trail magic is planned for mid June.

In the past I have driven home at the end of the day. This season I'm going to try camping nearby for two or three days to avoid some of the driving back and forth to Albany.

The current plan is to put $1,000 of my own money toward the magic in 2020. Donations are welcome to keep the magic flowing after that..

Donations to help continue the magic can be made at GoFundMe or PayPal. Please leave your name and email address when donating via PayPal so I can thank you.

A spreadsheet of 2019 accounting can be found here. Hiker treat expenses are about $75 a day.

Related sites and contact info: facebook - erik@nycap.rr.com - YouTubebe

2019 Trail Magic reports and pictures:

Click on a picture to get the full size version. (3 to 4 megabytes)

Mad Tom Notch 14 - September 6 2019

Mad Tom Notch 13 - September 3 2019

Mad Tom Notch 12 - August 30 2019

Mad Tom Notch 11 - August 28 2019

Mad Tom Notch 10 - August 26 2019

Mad Tom Notch 9 - August 20 2019

Mad Tom Notch 8 - August 16 2019

Mad Tom Notch 7 - August 12 2019

Mad Tom Notch 6 - August 9 2019

Mad Tom Notch 5 - August 5 2019

Mad Tom Notch 4 - August 2 2019

Mad Tom Notch 3 - July 29 2019

Mad Tom Notch 2 - July 24 2019

Mad Tom Notch 1 - July 15 2019

The first Trail Magic - spring 2019