Mad Tom Notch 1 - July 15 2019

Early yesterday morning I loaded my car with assorted cold soft drinks, cookies and fresh oranges, bananas and watermelon. Ninety minutes later I arrived at Mad Tom Notch on the Appalachian Trail in Vermont. I hadn’t even unloaded the car when hikers, who are apparently better than bears at sniffing out goodies, began to arrive. Part of he first group managed to unload the car and set up the table when I wasn’t looking. Water melon, bananas and Gatorade were the big hits. Hikers love fresh fruit.

Over the course of four hours about thirty hikers enjoyed goodies and conversation. They greatly appreciated their pit stop with some of the being downright overjoyed. When a long distance hiker finds an unexpected chair and a cold drink they see it as pure magic.

Around 3:00 pm the flow of hikers was at a trickle so I left the cooler of treats by the side of the trail and wandered up to Styles Peak to see what kind of view it had. Not the worst view but not the best.

The pictures are just a few of the happy hikers I met.

This is an example of trails Magic which is basically defined as random unexpected of kindness provided to hikers by people they have never met before. The complexities and varieties of Trail Magic are too varied to go into here. Feel fre to google "trail magic".