Mad Tom Notch 10 - August 26 2019

"That was the best waste of time, ever!" said the hiker as he headed out of the parking lot. He was northbound. He and the southbound hiker he meet and instantly bonded with at yesterdays trail magic had to be symbolically poked with a trekking pole to get them moving and back on the trail. They had a lot in common both in personality and experiences. They are now best friends who if they had met while on the trail would have passed each other with perhaps no more than a nod or a quick hello.

The shadows are getting longer and the temperatures are milder at good ole Mad Tom Notch. A majority of the thru hikers have passed through Vermont on their journeys north or south. Only 18 happy hikers wandered by this time. One of them was carrying a ukulele. He played a few songs and turned out to be amazingly good at it. Chocolate milk and donuts were the most popular treats this time with surprisingly little interest in the usually fast moving watermelon.

The next trip will be Friday. If hiker activity takes a dive I'll declare trail magic season over and switch from trail magician to trail hiker and start doing overnights again.