Mad Tom Notch 11 - August 28 2019

What I thought was going to be the last day of trail magic this year began as the foggiest morning yet. The trees were dripping wet from the night before and the trail was muddier than usual. The fog cleared after a couple hours revealing a sky with fast moving dark clouds. As a total of 21 hikers wandered by the clouds grew whiter and puffier.

For the most part it was an uneventful day with the only real excitement being the arrival a school bus the unloaded about 25 college kids who were spending the long weekend hiking. Comments from the thru hikers enjoying the usual collection of treats were along the lines of "Man, those are some big backpacks".

Since a good number of hikers wandered by I'll try to get in at least one more day of magic before closing for the season.

Around mid day I began hearing rumors of someone 11 miles north of me doing a three day hiker feed that included breakfast, lunch and dinner. I've heard of this guy before since he has a reputation for his yearly events. I was familiar with his location because he does his magic in the same spot I did my first magic last June. So I packed up a bit early and paid him a visit. He has a much bigger operation than I do. He's there for three days at a time twice a year. Maybe someday my operation will expand but for now I'm happy. The hikers are also happy and that's the important part.