Mad Tom Notch 13 - September 3 2019

Yesterday at Mad Tom Notch was pizza day. Bromley Market is a ten minute drive from the notch and they make pizza so I figured why not. I ordered the pizza on the way to the notch with plans to pick it up at noon. When noon arrived there were two hikers enjoying goodies, they said they couldn't stay long and would be gone by the time I returned. Since hiker numbers have been decreasing I figured there might be one or two waiting when I returned.

Well, see the first picture for what I saw upon returning to the magic site. A bit of a mob scene. So much for the idea of half a pizza just for me! Eight hikers waiting for pizza. Luckily two of them had stayed in town the night before and had pizza for dinner thus not all that interested in more. After an hour or so of conversation, pizza, donuts and others goodies the hikers wandered off. Peace and quiet once again settled over The Notch.

A total of nineteen hikers were served loads of hiker treats.

I'm going again Friday and suspect that will be the last time this year. But, who knows, if hiker numbers stay high maybe there will be more magic next week.