Mad Tom Notch 5 - August 5 2019

Yesterday was the fifth and busiest trip to Mad Tom Notch to create 34 happy hikers. I picked up five folding chairs from Walmart (I hate that place) at $5.99 each. They are cheap but they work. The hikers loved them and tended to hang around and chat longer than when there were no chairs.

Last week a hiker said chocolate milk would be nice to have so I brought along a quart - gone in an instant. So next time there will be lots of chocolate milk- whowooddathought.

Hiker nationalities this time included British, Japanese and Slovakian. I suspect I've met and chatted with people from more foreign countries than 99.99999 percent Americans.

The next possible date for the next expedition is Friday. If you are interested in what I'm doing feel free to come along and see what it's all about.