Mad Tom Notch 8 - August 16 2019

For the first time I managed to con a friend into blowing off work and joining me for a round of trail magic. He didn't have a trail name yet but that problem would soon be corrected. Shortly after we arrive at good ole Mad Tom Notch he decided to wander up Bromley Mountain, about a three hour round trip. The weather forecast promised no rain until late afternoon so it should have been a nice hike. Within thirty minutes the rain had started and within another thirty the monsoon had begun. When he returned he was given his trail name: Soaking Wet. Overall, he had a great time and thought this trail magic stuff was fantastic stuff.

The rain ended around 12:30 with the sun showing up an hour or so later. We served 23 hikers and two dogs the usual treats sending them on their way happier than when they arrived even though some of them could also be named Soaking Wet.

Our overseas guests this time were from Iceland and Switzerland. They spoke better English than many Americans.

So, another great trip with lots of happy hikers. The busy season is nearing the end so there likely won't be many more trips to the notch this year. I'm thinking Tuesday will be the next one. Blow off work and reserve you spot now!