Mad Tom Notch 4 - August 20 2019

Imagine you are a long distance hiker having been on the trail for three months. Your last day in town for real food and a shower was four days ago. Since that day in town you have hiked fifteen miles a day up and down hills and mountains. You've hiked through mud, over rocks and suffered through hot muggy days

Now the time is 6:00pm, you are sitting on the ground, resting in a small parking lot the trail passes through. It’s been a long day but you have a 1400 foot climb to the top of Bromley mountain so you can catch the sunset. Your "get up and go" is pretty much gone and you dread the climb.

A car pulls up next to you and the driver says he has cold watermelon, bananas, drinks and cookies for you. These are treats you haven't had for weeks. Suddenly your day brightens, your energy returns and you are overjoyed, the happiest you've been in days. Suddenly that climb you are about to make is trivial.

That's Trail Magic.

- - -

Tuesday was a nice day at Mad Tom Notch with 25 hikers wandering by for drinks, fruit, donuts and conversation. The foreign invaders of the day were from Hungary and Germany.

The first hiker of the day had stayed the night in a campsite near the trail magic site. He was having some foot problems that required wrapping his foot in tape that he didn't have. After rummaging around in my box of supplies I pulled out some Leukotape which is an uber sticky athletic tape and exactly what he needed. I gave him an extra two feet of the stuff to keep him going while his foot heals.

The record for hikers lounging around is two hours. A few tried to break the record but gave up realizing that they were on the trail for hiking, not lounging.

All in all it was a good day. When 5:30 rolled around all that was left to do was head home with a stop at the parking lot on the other side of Bromley to see if there were and weary hikers that needed cheering up.